Our current work is in Solukhumbu District, which is in the eastern part of Nepal and is home to many world famous mountains, including Mt. Everest.  A majority of the Solukhubmu is located in rugged and remote areas, and as a result, the district has limited development.  Accessing many services, including health care, can be difficult for the these people.  For some, it may mean hiking for 2-3 days to reach a health facility.  Even when people are able to reach a facility, that place may experience shortages in staffing, equipment, or knowledge and skills of the providers.  As it relates to maternal-newborn care, this has led to a situation where pregnant women often choose to deliver at home without the presence of a skilled provider who has the appropriate supplies and skills for childbirth.  In spite of the remote nature of the district, we have found that a majority of the people in Solukhumbu want to receive medical care at health facilities.