Our mission is to improve the lives of children and their mothers through collaboration, education and health program development.


Global Partners for Child Health believes that every woman and child deserves accessible, high quality, and respectful health care.  To achieve this, we partner with international organizations to build collaborative, long-term global health programs that strengthen the health care system at the community and health facility level.  We focus on developing and implementing outcome-driven solutions for maternal-child health issues by putting existing knowledge into practice. We stay engaged with these communities to assess the impact, to find solutions, and to evaluate outcomes of our programs.


In underserved areas of the developing world, women and children often do not have access to trained and skilled providers who have the necessary medicine and equipment to deliver the care they need.  As a result, they often forego seeking medical care for both minor and major issues.  This places them at increased risk for poorer health and worse outcomes, especially during critical times such as pregnancy, labor, delivery, and in the few weeks after birth.